...a seasoned professional and creative thinker who is competent, detailed and dependable. Her personal qualities include a good sense of humor, compassion and determination. Whether the goal is to present information to entertain, to inform or to empower there is a responsibility to the integrity of the content. Barb has this integrity. She knows how to establish relationships, research her material, and deliver the goods in an equitable and persuasive manner.
Maureen Ferraro, MBA Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator, School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University

Barbara's commitment to the City of Dearborn and her understanding of the needs of her community make her a strong member of the Dearborn team. She is a talented communicator and problem solver, and is a person that can be relied upon to convey the message in a way that is both informative and memorable.
Lisa Lark, Dearborn instructor and author "Legacies: Stories of the Men and Women on The Wall", Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

...enthusiastic...and contributing member of the team. Used her creative skills to look for ways to enhance the project at hand. High level of professionalism made her a valuable asset.
Patricia Johnson-Maurier, Broadcast Media Supervisor CDTV

Customer focused and represented the City of Dearborn well in all instances...consistently demonstrated professionalism and integretiy...added tremendous leadership and creativity..and took great initiative when it came to identifying ways to promote the City of Dearborn as a great place to live, work and play. Vast knowledge of communications, marketing and event planning...brought value to each situation.
Jennifer Giering, President Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce

Barb loves to dig for information. She successfully finds background and interview subjects from around the world. Seemingly dead-ends donít bother her ... doggedly pursued sources. Her genuine interest in those she meets creates a climate of respect. Barb wants to know more - she doesnít give up.
Lori Kuffner, President Cooper Rock Pictures, Inc.

Barb has tirelessly covered our events and prepared media pieces to help raise public awareness of the many issues facing veterans today as well as the involvement of the Dearborn Allied War Veterans in the community and the Metro Detroit Area. Barb's professionalism and dedication were of the highest always able to secure any information required for the success of the many projects she was the lead on or assisted with. It is this diligent professional work ethic coupled with her bright, cheerful, warm and compassionate personality that makes Barb so capable, competent and successful.
Gary Tanner, Commander 2008 Dearborn Allied War Veterans Council

You showed me a genuine understanding of and loyalty to the audience, and a drive to give them good programming - you were the real core of our department - always interested, eager, helpful and dedicated - you gave us that solidity that is so rare in such a transient medium.
Dave Redel, Executive Producer, CBC Saskatchewan Radio Performance

At all times I found Barb to show initiative, be diligent and dependable. Barb rendered...quality service on the company's behalf and was always reliable.
Nelson Rosario, Esq.

The competition for Fellowships was really stiff - nearly 180 applications for 30 spots. Many worthy and well-qualified applicants vied for fellowships, but you were chosen because we think you are especially deserving and that your career shows particular promise.
Bridget Howe, CTV Fellowship Program Coordinator, Banff International Television Festival

..on behalf of SCN, congratulations on winning the Best Documentary History Award...recognizes your dedication and commitment to producing quality programs.
David Debono, President and CEO, SCN

..Judging from this film (Eyewitness to War), the series promises to provide awe-inspiring accounts of the lives of courageous women.
Debra Brin, Briarpatch Magazine

provocative and interesting, Rescue from Sumatra paints a vivid picture...offers a more intimate look than many films of this kind...thought provoking observations about humankindís inclination to go to war...powerful
Alison Cunningham, TV Times

...these programs will expand perspectives on the roles and biographies of women, as well as on Canada and its emerging place in the global community.
Honourable Herb Gray, Deputy Prime Minister Canada

Production values are outstanding in "A Time for Courage" Highly recommended.....Everyone should welcome this exceptional video. Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and other Commonwealth libraries will definately want this program. I believe that it could also be useful in Women's Studies, World War II and Twentieth Century History courses in university and college libraries.
Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO)

...on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Members of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, I would like to congratulate you on your nomination in the 17th Annual Gemini Awards...recognizing and celebrating excellence in the Canadian television industry.
Maria Topalovich/President CEO

...have always thought highly of her talent and abilitiesÖthe package she delivered was impressive.
Sat Kumar, Program Manager, SCN

..energetic, self directed, knowledgeable ideas person.
Bill Stevenson,Director, Program Development/Island Media

Thank you for your participation in the Mind Your Own Business seminar last week. It was great to get such valuable information for our members and I know they appreciated it. Thanks again!!
Peggy Richard, Event Director Dearborn Chamber of Commerce.

I enjoyed your talk this morning and it opened my eyes as to one more service available to Dearborn residents and small business owners. Thank you.
Marlene G. Lemire, Detroit Financial Group

You created a really wonderful segment for Henry Ford Village. Thank you very much. I canít believe how seamlessly you brought all those different pieces together. Truly, that was masterful. Thank you so much for your support. I hope weíll have some opportunities in the future to work together again.
Adam Sterling, Director of Sales and Marketing, Henry Ford Village/Erickson Communities

Thank you so much for the wonderful job with the Black Tie and Tails segment on Meet Your Council. It was great! You do good work and on behalf of the animals and the Friends, I just want you to know how much we all appreciate it.
Elaine Greene, Executive Director Friends of the Dearborn Animal Shelter

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